Hello! Welcome to Massage by Rezakkah.

I'm a massage therapist and personal trainer with 30 years of experience.  I offer services to help you have a healthy body that you love and enjoy moving in.

As a massage therapist, I offer a variety of modalities to help your body relax, to regain mobility and to relieve pain. I specialize in neck and shoulder release, and I focus on improving posture and balance.   I help my clients learn how to listen to their bodies and use effective self-care techniques to eliminate pain.

As a personal trainer, I teach people how to incorporate into their lives strengthening and stretching movements that keep the body flexible and strong.  Many of these self-care techniques can be practiced in the privacy of your home.

I have a small home practice in Watertown, where I do massage and exercise training to help clients maintain improvements gained from massage. I also do home visits, which allow me to show you how to use your own environment to stretch and exercise.

Let me help you regain the joy of moving in a happy body!